Don't get mad

Don't get mad



At the begining of the game all four pawns are placed in a starting zone with the same color. The players are dicing one after other everytime in the same order. In order to start moving your pawns on the map you first have to take out one of these from the start off by dicing a 6. Then you can dice again. You must move your pawn from the starting field in order to free space for the next pawn that will be take out. Everytime you dice 6 you get a bonus to dice again. If there is no possibility to move your pawn your turn is stopped automatically and it is the next player's turn. A pawn can not be moved to a field where a pawn of the same color is present.

Game Details

Board game for two to four players. The goal is to move all four pawns of your color into the four fields of the same color on the map. Winning the game depends on your luck with the dice but also on the bonuses placed on the game field. There are some traps which can easily change your winnig strategy in a loosing one. You can lead the game and very fast become the last, so don't get mad and play till the end.

Date Added: 2011-05-27

Category: Multiplayer

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