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Monster Casino

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On screen : Press Start To Start A Machine . Press Redeem to Submit Your Point To Mochi Highscore (login need). Press Upbid to Up Your Bid. Press Down to Down Your Bid (if you afraid). On Keyboard : Press Enter To Start Or Play Again. Press Escape To Redeem . (login need) Press Arrow Up To Up Your Bid . Press Arrow Down To Low Your Bid.

Game Details

Orange Jackpot = Your Bid x 50 Red Jackpot = Your Bid x 70 Green Jackpot = Your Bid x 100 Super/Blue Jackpot = Your Bid x 1000 Arrange Your Bid . More you bid more prize promise for you . Beware Some Useless Trick Will Sure Make You Lose A Lot . You know Gambit ? There are some unbelievable rumours that he start here first before he join x-men. Rules : Bid Must Be More Then 8 and Less Then coin you has. You will lose if your coin less then 8.

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