&middot; <b>Movements</b> = Arrow Keys &middot; <b>Roll</b> = Double Tap Right Arrow Key &middot; <b>Melee</b> = A Key &middot; <b>Shoot</b> = S Key &middot; <b>Switch Weapons</b> = Q & E Keys &middot; <b>Unleash The Power</b> = D Key (only if the rage meter is full)

Game Details

Rage 3 is a typical arcade and action game. You want to survive in here? There is no time for hesitation. Just pick up the bleeding blades, Tai Chi pole, scalding pistols and even powerful machine guns, whatever fits your bloody hands. Aim right at them and blow all them up blocking right in front of you! In this game, perfect landing and furious combo is the only thing you should really take care. Good Luck!

Date Added: 2012-04-06

Category: Fighting

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