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Postman David The message board has been invaded by noobs and all kinds of troublemakers. As David, your job is to...
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City Smile Christmas Send gifts and make smiles happy is this fun strategy game!
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Jumping Smiley Help the smiley find the golden basket in this fun action game. Aim and shoot the smiley to the bask...
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Smiley killer tower defense Use your towers to shoot all annoying smiley
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Smiley music Puzzle Classic puzzle game with cool smiley image
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Smiley Cloud Jump Very simple game - jump on the clouds, avoid falling!
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Crack the diamond OXO Crack this little puzzle to get high score of more than 1000 and entitle yourself to claim a persona...
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Forest Jumper This nice little smiley goes to the forest to eat berries, use mouse to jump and collect all berries...
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