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Blue footed bird puzzle Blue footed bird puzzle Game.
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Lightning Typing 2 As a young boy, you developed the power to shoot lightning and fire from your mind! Unfortunately, y...
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Passage of Life As time goes by, there are always new choices in your life. Food, knowledge, entertainment, love, mo...
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Constellations Bounce Shoot balls at the star constellations and try to remove all lines.
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RE: Get To Schol On Time Demo From the makers of Kotaku Gaming App of the Day "Pig & Bullet"... GHXYK2, Famicon & Spiceworx presen...
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Physics Blaster Use your mouse to shoot on the objects. Every popped object increase your score, every shot will dec...
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Ghosrun Create match 3 color or more to escape from te haunted house. Simple addictive match three game with...
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Super Football A Simple Football game which can be played again and again
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P-47 thunderbolt Slider A fun game with a great P-47 thunderbolt in three sizes
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Cybernetic A puzzle platforming game with simple controls, a fast pace, and an easy learning curve.
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Kids Games : What do they eat A kids Game for players 1-4 years old. I created this game for my little doughter
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Gem Fusion Fuse 3 or more gems to make better one. Make top highscores. A new match 3 games concept, Fuse all...
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Kobra Team 1.3 Get your team together and clear the path!
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Samurais Vs Ninjas Slash your way to the title of the strongest fighters in history! A slice game in which you fight...
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Desert Bighorn Sheep Lamb Adventure A Desert bighorn sheep lamb got lost from its herd. You must help her find the way back to them but...
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Yummy Foods Memory A really tasty game for you with yummy foods. You will feel same like you are eating them.
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Whack a Capsule Whack a Capsule is a very fun game yesterday has to reach the maximum number of capsules possible....
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The Passage Click to jump, collect gold and avoid obstacles to maximize your score!
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Speedway Race Speed down the highway as fast as you can but watch out for other cars or you will wreck your car.
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Flying Birds Hunter Do your best to shoot as many flying birds as you can within the time frame.
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