Games tagged with: move

That Way! Physics puzzle, move shapes to get the smiley to the stars.
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Smart Biker Smart Biker wants money. He need to collect the money bags from roadsides and escape from the obstac...
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Pet Panic Switch two adjacent pets to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more pets of the same colo...
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Chess 3d if you're a fan of chess, chess 3d is the game for you. This version of the famous strategy game i...
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avalanch evasion In this game you will use the left and right arrow keys to move side to side to avoid falling iceicl...
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StoneAgeHunter game about hunter, which fights with angry ducks -Nice art -Simple gameplay -Timekiller
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Evolution You are a spore and need to progress if you want to make it! Eat everyone that will try to eat you t...
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NinjaBall Nice game about ninja ball! Autogenerated levels Sweet art easy gameplay
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Rainbow Pony Magical land was attacked by a group of very mean monsters; the only one who can stop it is the rain...
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Square VS Square You are the square. Move around and jump on the enemies to destroy them. Try to beat all the 20 leve...
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Ultimate Brick! In this game you move the paddle and hit the ball into the bricks to destroy them. sounds simple, bu...
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GoGo Stop A simple, addictive game utilizing the webcam to detect when you're moving. Just don't get caught mo...
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Pumpkin Crush Fruits are getting crushed in the fruit factory. Lets see how long will the pumpkin survive.
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Whack a Heroes You as the demon lord has kidnapped the hero's princess so when the hero and his party came to you t...
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Hungry Face Hungry face needs something to eat. Help him.
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Bird Warriors Bird warriors were strong because they used to eat birds rich in protein and minerals.
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Dumb Potato Dumb potato is in trouble. Save him from getting smashed as long as you can.
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Avoida Brick A short fun avoider game
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The Blue Egg The blue egg is on the run. Save him from hitting the birds.
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Tick Plane The Tick plane have served its country, its time to defend its country against alien spaceships agai...
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